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Introducing 3D Printing

Great Value - Advanced Features - Introductory Price!

Find the printer just right for you...

ADIMLab offers an inexpensive way into printing large (310X310X410mm), high quality prints at a price that can still be called a hobby.

With dual Z-axis motors and dual tracks for the Y-axis, you get a more powerful, more accurate 3d printer allowing for more stable and successful prints. With a heated bed and full temperature control enjoy building your models with a wide range of materials including PLA, ABS. PETG and more.

Features a heated glass print bed * 3d printer control box * 4G SD card * 3 inch LCD Display * PLA filaments for testing * Tools for assembling * Auto Levelling option available * Connect two sub assemblies in 10-20 minutes. 


The Dremel 3D40 comes fully assembled from the factory and includes everything you need to go from unboxing to your first print in 10 minutes.

The reliable assisted levelling process takes all the guesswork out levelling the bed on your printer. And the intuitive touchscreen allows you to easily access print files, start, pause and stop prints as well as manage your printer.  

Easily connect multiple printers to the cloud over Wifi or Ethernet. Configure Proxy or Static IP settings on the printer or through the administrator portal. 

Share your printers with hundreds of people and print remotely with our cloud printing and management software. 

Have peace of mind and leave multiple printers running without a worry with a fully enclosed design and 3rd party safety certification from UL.

Print parts quickly in up to 300-micron resolution, or in high quality in 100-micron resolution.  

Markforged Onyx One

Built on the DNA of their Industrial Series and designed from the ground up for quality and reliability, the Onyx One is the desktop 3D printer for professionals. 

The Onyx One prints stiff and dimensionally stable engineering grade parts with twice the strength of other 3D printed plastics. Onyx parts have beautiful surface finish and are suitable for industrial applications.

This industrial grade printer is the rock-solid chassis that won industrial printer of the year in 2017, the Onyx One just works. Simple, reliable, repeatable and accurate.