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MakerPi S400 PEEK 3D Printer

MakerPi 3D

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MakerPi S400 PEEK 3D Printer

Industrial Grade

The S300 3D Printer is an intelligently designed Single Nozzle industrial grade 3D Printer designed for PEEK printing. With max temperatures of 450 degrees consistently throughout the chamber.

FDM Metal printing

Featuring a 3.5 inch feather touch screen. This large bed size 300*300*450mm can print in PLA/ABS/PHA/PETG/TPU

This printer offers an enclosed print envelope allowing for total control of the print environment therefore ensuring perfect prints with more difficult materials. 



A combination of high precision and low friction components delivers a fast and quiet machine. While an engineered print bed provides a flat surface helping in providing high quality prints

intelligent support


Product Details:  Product model: S400

Screen: 7.0 inch touch screen

Printing size: 410*410*410mm


Layer thickness: 0.05-0.3mm

Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm

Recommended printing speed: 40mm/s-60mm/s

Forming precision: ±0.1-0.3mm

Software: Cura Forming principle: FDM

Operation system: Windows/Linux/Mac

Net weight: 195kg

Connecting type: USB Driver

Maximum nozzle temperature: 450℃

Maximum temperature of hot bed: 120℃

Nozzle structure: Single feed single nozzle

Machine size: 890*800*1040 mm

Average power/ Maximum power: 600W/920W

File format: STL/DAE/AMF/JPG/BMP

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