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ADIMLab Gantry Golden 3D Printer


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ADIMLab Golden 3D Printer  
Great Value - Advanced Features 
New ** Upgraded to a Carbon Fiber Glass Bed

This is a high quality 3D printer offering stunning features for its price

The Golden -a Prusa i3 Type, 32bit Board, 24V15A Power, 220X220X250 Build Size 

  • 3.5 inch Touch Screen
  • Auto Level
  • 32bit Mother board with MOS module, Main frequency 72MHZ, TMC2225 for quiet, fast running speed, 
  • Carbon lattice matrix glass bed 
  • 220X220 heated bed, greater than 100℃, with High Adhesion and even heating to make the first layer stick to the bed well and improve leveling
  • Metal MK8 extruder and E3D V6 type metal hot end system with 3 fans to cool, structure stronger, extrude stable and smooth, hard to clog
  • Power Resume function to continue print jobs interrupted by unexpected power outages. Filament detector to alert you to change filament in case the printer would run out.

As a Canadian supplier we offer support and service if required.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews Write a review

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews Write a review

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Wonderful machine

    got the machine used from Pierre didn't see any internal issues with the board and vrefs on drivers where good spent time with the extruder setting it properly and I got it working within a hour of actually sitting down with it when I had time and Bing batta boom one man's trash is another man's treasure.

    Really nice machine

    after a couple months I drastically change my review

    the first month or so It was ok, started having major issues with levelling, main board freezing up, sent it el for a check up they had it 3 weeks + got it back and after one mediocre print all hell broke loose. had to re do firmware, I even re did my profile on slicer. It help for about 3 minutes. I was printing a piece for some reason froze nozzle in print and the bed got so hot that the partial print was like tpu.. I have since removed from service and gonna probably scap it. Its been pretty much a nightmare. Not sure if I just got a crap unit but will never get another golden or for that fact adimlab printer. My grantry pro has been pretty sound so far.

    My 2nd printer

    This is the 2nd printer in my shop, I'm fairly new at this hobby so for me the easier the better. Assembly is very easy, it only took me about 20 minutes to start printing my first test piece. The first thing I noticed is just how quiet this printer is compare to my Gantry pro. The touch screen is very nice with a good user interface. A small draw back is the lack of characters on the G-code file name, not an issue if you only have a few models on the card. Setting up the printer profile in Cura was a bit of a challenge but not impossible to figure out, if your totally new at this the staff at Evirolaser are awesome at helping you out. I'm now on my 3 print and I'm super happy with my purchase.

    Pierre Voyer
    Nice Machine

    Ok well I have 7 3d printers, gantry pro, ender max, 3 ender 3's and a monoprice mini. The gantry golden is on par with the ender 3's but even better regarding teck it has bl touch (works well). Touch screen (a bit small for my old eyes but works well). Takes a bit to get use to everything should be done with touch screen. The only issue I have with it is the mainboard does not show the full name of the file in a line. hard to read. Filament change during prints is mediocre I find it does not exactly resumes properly. Great second printer. For the price its a great printer. thanks for listening.