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Mingda MD-600 Large 3D Printer


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Large Auto-Leveling 3D Printer

Industrial Grade, larger, more stable, more precise and simpler.




350 Degree Direct Extruder              -       Ultra Quiet
High Speed Printing                         -       Recover Printing
Fully Enclosed Metal Structure         -       Auto Leveling
Removable PEI Plate                         -       0.1 Accuracy
Air Filtration System                         -       Multiple Materials Supported

MD-600 is a flexible, high performance commercial/industrial 3d printer with a large 600 *600*600 build envelope. It's equipped with two types of extruders, therefore various printing needs can be met selecting the matching module according to different types of filaments.

Easy- Swap hot ends allow for support of different types of filaments.

The fully enclosed structure of the MD-600 helps maintain temperature while printing with ABS and other advanced materials for high-quality prints.
This reduces issues like model shrinkage, warping at corners, and broken 
filaments, ensuring good print results, high precision, and a high success rate.

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