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MakerPi M2030X Colour 3D Printer

MakerPi 3D

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MakerPi M2030X Colour 3D Printer

A Game Changer!

The M2030X is a Single Nozzle Dual Colour 3D Printer.

Some people believe that double nozzle printers are the way to go. You can either print in multiple colours or use dissolvable material for your support. Others state that single nozzles are more stable, easier to use and more precise. That PLA can warp and the double nozzle tends to interfere with each other.

Enter the multiple material machine that solves all these problems. 

The Single Nozzle Dual Colour design of the M2030X

  • No material leakage occurs during the printing
  • Effectively improves the accuracy of printed products
  • There is no height difference to improve the success rate
  • High temperature 250 degree C all metal nozzle
Choose between printing in Two-Colour, Mixed Colour, Layered or mono mode. 
Nozzle modes



Product Details:

Printing size:200×200×300 mm

Machine size: 360×360×545 mm

Package size: 505×455×660 mm

Product weight: 28kg

Layer thickness: 0.05-0.30mm

Precision: ±0.1-0.3mm

Printing speed: Suggest 40-60mm/s; Max 300mm/s

Forming principle: FDM Nozzle

Diameter: Standard 0.4mm ( 0.2mm/0.8mm optional)

Nozzle structure: Two in one out

Printing mode: Mixed color/dual color/layer color/Single color

Printing material: PLA/ABS/HIPS/PHA/PETG/PA/PC

Filament diameter: 1.75mm

Slicing software: CURA

Language support: Chinese/English

Format: stl; Gcode; obj; dae; amf; bmp; jpg

XYZ accuracy: XY axis 0.0128mm, Y axis 0.0025mm

Hot bed temperature: 0-120℃

Nozzle temperature: 0-250℃

LCD: 4.3 inches color touch screen

Input voltage: 110 V/220 V

Output voltage: 24 V

Power: 200 W/320 W

Certification: CE, FCC, ROHS and providing trust to your potential users.

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