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FLSun T1 Delta 3D Printer

FLSun T1 Delta 3D Printer


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FLSun T1 Delta 3D Printer. 

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High-Speed Printing:
• 1000mm/s Max Speed and 30000mm/s ² Acceleration
• Support Various High Temperature Materials
• Closed Enclosure with Acrylic Material
• Fully Auto-leveling and Vibration Compensation
• Cameras for Time-lapse Photography and Remote Monitoring

smart assist

Display and Operation:
4.3-inch full-screen display
Stable and reliable FIsun OS system
Remote monitoring and Time-Lapse Imaging capabilities

extruder on the T1

Materials Management:
Capable of utilizing a large range of materials
Nozzle temperature up to 300°C

Energy Saving and Environmental Protection:
Automatic emergency screen display
Auto shutdown feature
Auto stop heating function

Energy efficient

build envelope

Customized Printing:

  • Print bed size: Diameter 260mm * 330mm 
  • Integrated AI manager enabling 360° management
  • Precision Control with Micro Radar: Ensures Printing Quality, Accuracy (Exclusive), Consistent First Layer, Flow Control, Debris Management, and Prevention of Mislayering (Exclusive)
  • Automated Leveling System: Automatically calibrates and records, Providing One-Time Leveling for Multiple Uses, Drastically Reducing Pre-Print Leveling Time
  • Detection of material breakage, jams, and power failures
  • Continuous equipment self-test for ensuring machine stability
  • Belt auto-test and semi-automatic adjustment functionalities


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