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FLSun S1 3D Printer

FLSun S1 Delta 3D Printer


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FLSun S1 Delta 3D Printer. 

Seamless On boarding for Beginners: Ready to Run out of the box: No assembly required.

High-Speed Printing:
Doubled printing speed, reducing average print time by 50%
Maximum speed of 1200mm/s; Acceleration of 40,000mm²/s
New metal hot end reaching up to 350°C
Maximum flow rate of 110mm³/m
Brushless cooled silent fan operating up to 40,000 rpm
Closed-loop motors and a full metal frame for enhanced stability

FLSun S1 3D Printer

 Display and Operation:
7-inch full-screen display
Brand-new user interface for enhanced ease of use
Stable and reliable FIsun OS system
Remote monitoring and Time-Lapse Imaging capabilities
On-screen playback of recorded videos

S1- Speed Demon
Materials Management:
Capable of utilizing a large range of materials
Nozzle temperature up to 350°C
Dedicated Chamber for Desiccant and Filament Drying
Active and Passive filament drying with adjustable speeds
Consumption monitoring of filament
Temperature and humidity monitoring

Exploring Break throughs

AI with the S1

Energy Saving and Environmental Protection:
Automatic emergency screen display
Auto shutdown feature
Auto stop heating function
Air filtration system
Zone heating capabilities
with camera
built in dryer

Customized Printing:

  • Print bed size: Diameter 320mm * 430mm 
  • Zoned heating: Inner circle diameter: 220mm, Outer ring diameter: 220-320mm
  • Integrated AI manager enabling 360° management
  • Precision Control with Micro Radar: Ensures Printing Quality, Accuracy (Exclusive), Consistent First Layer, Flow Control, Debris Management, and Prevention of Mis-layering (Exclusive)
  • Automated Leveling System: Automatically calibrates and records, Providing One-Time Leveling for Multiple Uses, Drastically Reducing Pre-Print Leveling Time
  • Detection of material breakage, jams, and power failures
  • Continuous equipment self-test for ensuring machine stability
  • Belt auto-test and semi-automatic adjustment functionalities

    super quality prints
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