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Mars 3 5pc FEP film

ELEGOO Mars 3 5pc FEP film


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Mars 3 5pc FEP film

  • Compatible with ELEGOO Mars 3 and Mars 3 Pro Resin 3D printer.
  • Film dimensions: 146*195mm, Film thickness: 0.127mm.
  • Compared with FEP release film, PFA release liner film has higher temperature resistance and printing success rate, and less release tension for easier to remove models.
  • 95% UV light transmittance ensures the right amount of UV to pass through for faster and more accurate curing models, non-stick surface, wear-resistant, chemically resistant.
  • The life span is 50% longer than the regular version of the release film, and the frequency of releases can be up to 9000 times, smooth surface, no wrinkles, scratches and bubbles.
  • Thicker packaging with foam inside ensures that the PFA Release Liner Film is well protected in all directions from damages and warps.



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