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SUNLU S2 3D Fila Dryer


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SUNLU 3D S2 Fila Dryer

Protect your material so it doesn't end up ruined by humidity. The SUNLU filament dryer provides the solution.

1. LCD Display: 4.6 inch LCD display screen, displaying temperature, time, humidity, consumable type and countdown time. 2.87-3.42inch smart touch screen.
2. Intelligent presets for multiple filaments and drying modes. No need for manually setting.
3. 360 degree constant temperature with 1 degree deviation.
4. Upper and lower heating increases efficiency by 30% and allows for temperatures as high as 70 degrees.
5. Creative design lowers heat transfer to the dryer and the surface it rests on.
6. Heating temperature adjustedable range (35℃~70℃ range)
7. Timing function: set heating timing, set time, enter the standby state, safe and secure


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