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EL3D® PLA, Glow in the Dark, Luminous Firefly, 1Kg, 1.75


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High Quality Glow in the Dark, Luminous Firefly PLA Filament


EL3D® Glow in the Dark filaments are like any standard PLA filament but with a fun difference. They glow in the dark after being charged with light. Glow in the Dark materials achieve this effect due to additives such as strontium aluminate or sometimes zinc or calcium sulfide. However the strontium aluminate is extremely abrasive and will eat away at brass nozzle after only a couple of hundred grams of material. It is recommended to use a hardened nozzle.

The additives absorb UV light and re-emit it as visible light that you can see in the dark. This filament has sparkles set into a green glow.

EL3D® is a premium quality manufactured filament that produces the finest prints. Never using recycled materials and adhering to 100% use of pure raw materials leads to consistent high-grade filaments. The promise of high-purity, high-precision filaments is ensured through the ROHS certification and SGS testing.


Spool Net Weight:1kg

Diameter:1.75mm ± 0.05mm

Print Temperature:190 - 220°C

Hot Bed Temperature:0 - 50°C

Print Speed:50 - 110mm/s

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