Dremel DigiLab LC40 Laser Cutter


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Dremel DigiLab LC40 Laser Cutter

LCD Touch Screen​

Start, pause and view project status directly on the LCD touch screen without the need to open software on computer.

Upgraded Components​​

​A premium machine, we custom-designed the power supply and other critical components to ensure the highest quality.

Smart Camera

​Reduce misprints with built-in, high resolution smart camera accurate within 0.2mm, used to align designs to irregular work pieces or scraps.

Stays Cool Under Pressure

​Continuously run through all projects without any downtime with our innovative Hex Box™, which keeps the laser cool.

Onboard Software​

​No Wi-Fi? No problem. Our software is built directly into the laser, which enables internet-free access to run with consistent, high-speed performance.

LED Lighting​​

Dual LED strip illuminates projects for maximum visibility.

Cdn Approved Power​​

UL approved, safe for educational environments.

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