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ADIMLab Gantry Pro 3D Printer


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Great Value - Advanced Features -  Join the trend.

ADIMLab 3D offers an inexpensive way into printing large (310X310X410mm), high quality prints at a price that can still be called a hobby.

With dual Z-axis motors and dual tracks for the Y-axis, you get a more powerful, more accurate 3d printer allowing for more stable and successful prints. With a heated bed and full temperature control enjoy building your models with a wide range of materials including PLA, ABS. PETG and more.

As a Canadian supplier we offer support and service if required.

    ADIMLab Gantry Pro 3d printer includes:
    A heated carbon crystal silicon lattice glass print bed
    Metal V5/V6 Hotend System
    Titan Direct Extruder with two fans
    3d printer control box
    4G SD card
    3 inch LCD Display
    PLA filament for testing 
    Tools for assembling
    Filament holder
    Auto Leveling option available
    Two assembled 3d sub components, 10-20 minutes to finish assembly.
    Frame Type: Aluminum shape gentry double guide rail structure 
    Printing technology: FDM
    Colour: Black 
    Printing platform: Aluminum base heated bed
    Printing Color: Single color one time.
    Extruder: Proximity extrusion.
    Material: PLA, ABS, Wood, HIPS, PC, TPE, Flexible PLA 
    Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm.
    Filament diameter:1.75mm
    Layer resolution:0.05-0.3mm
    Max printing Speed:120 mm/s.
    Max build Volume:310*310*410mm.
    Positioning accuracy: Z 0.04mm, XY 0.01mm.
    heat bed max.temp: 100°C.
    Extruder max.temp: 260°C
    Power input: 110/220V, 360W
    Power Output: 24V 15A
    Connection: SD card or USB.
    Support format: STL,G-Code,AMF,OBJ
    Operating software: repetier-host,CURA 
    Operating system: Windows7/MAC OS/Linux 
    Machine Dimension: 520X 550X 620mm
    Package Dimension:640X 585X 220mm
    Machine weight:10KG
    Package weight: 12.5kg.
    Warranty: 1 year warranty for the 3d printer
    Support: online technical support

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