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Mingda Magician Pro 3D Printer w/ additional PEI Bed


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Mingda Magician Pro 3D Printer

with free PEI and Glass Bed

Step up to next generation printing with the Mingda Magician Pro. This printer offers next generation features that make printing easy and fun. With its large build plate and advanced Automatic Bed Leveling you can go where no print has gone before. 

 Magician Pro pdf

large bed, auto bed level


High-sensitivity sensor with one-touch 36 point precise leveling.

Auto level


So easy to assemble in just a matter of minutes complete including Z-axis support brackets.

Easy Assembly


Print anywhere in your space.  Ultraquiet structure and electronics.

quiet printer


Dual cooling fans to allow for faster printing up to 100mm/s

dual cooling fans for faster printing

Enhanced double geared extruder to improve speed or for printing with TPU.

double gear


New 4th Generation heated glass bed. Scratch resistant.

new bed


Dual Z-axis with synchronous belt is a valued upgrade.

Synchronous belt


BIGGER is definitely better. The Pro sports a 400mm cubed print envelope.

build envelope of 400m squared


Easy to adjust your belt tensions with built in tension knobs.

Bed tension adjustment knob


All wrapped up in a powerful, high performance 32-bit chip.

32 bit chip


Simple to operate with the 3.5" color screen

touch screen

This large bed printer added to your fleet will round out your printing capabilities and increase your enjoyment in the hobby.



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