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Build Plate Adhesion Problems The Ultimate Solution

Posted by Corey Ilacqua on

Build Plate Adhesion Problems

The Ultimate Solution 

When I first bought my 3D printer my models would print perfectly without any additional adhesion other than a brim for large models. Overtime it seemed it became more difficult to get prints to stick to the build plate.
I wondered why the printer manufacturers used glass build plates only to require glue sticks and painters tape to provide the adhesion necessary to ensure proper build plate adhesion. I always thought, there must be a better way. In fact a pristine glass build plates is the ideal state for a good bond to the material,
I tried everything; painters tape, glue sticks, faster and slower printing speeds and even some vinyl. Regardless, nothing seemed to work until I discovered this video. I followed the instructions and presto, my large print worked the first time.
The secret is having no oil or residue on the glass surface. This means you have to thoroughly clean the surface using hot soapy water. Rinse and dry the surface thoroughly than use Windex or other glass cleaner to get rid of any contaminants. It is very important that after cleaning not touch the glass as this will leave greasy fingerprints.
This method works on pretty much all build surfaces. If you have a non removable build plate, be particularly careful not to get any fluids on other components while cleaning the bed.

Be sure to level your bed after you clean and wipe it down. This is particularly important if you plan on printing a large object. 

 I recommend to anybody who is having adhesion issues with their 3D printer to view the following video and give the technique a try. It worked perfectly for me.

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